God Put a Bow in the Sky (For Me)

Rainbows are such a beautiful gift! Specifically, they are a reminder from our ageless, timeless Father in Heaven that he will never destroy the entire earth again with a flood. That is really all they signify, scripturally. I never see one though without remembering what the Lord Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of John. chapter 14, verses 18 through 20.

18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. 19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more;
but ye see me: because I live , ye shall live also. 20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father,
and ye in me, and I in you.

I am so thankful to the Lord. I pray to be busy doing the will of the Father until The Lord Jesus returns for me. I pray that I won’t be weary, selfish, preoccupied or sidetracked…except for the occasional moment of rainbow gazing with a thankful and expectant heart.

God bless you big!


Home and Pondering

Pondering...by   http://chasitysherellephotography.blogspot.com/

Pondering…by http://chasitysherellephotography.blogspot.com/

Yesterday began with, “Mom, I feel tippy.” These words came from an uncharacteristically droopy 11 year old son. This young man is autistic and verbal communication is not his strong suit. I was puzzled as to what tippy meant. I knew it wasn’t good! By 9:00 most mornings this guy has gotten up, showered, neatened his room, had his time of personal Bible reading, prayed over a prayer list that convicts his mama every time she sees it and has proceeded to eat breakfast at least twice!

Not so this that morning and before long, “tippy” was defined, a barf bucket and 7-up were assigned and my tippy son was parked on the couch with a blanket. Today we stayed home from church and he has chosen to be in bed. This leaves me 1. home alone 2. missing my church family badly (when you attend a church like ODBC Missoula,http://www.odbcmissoula.com/ you never want to miss a service it is so real and so heart changing, and filled with the people you love most!) and 3. with a moment to myself!

I have been thinking of a few things while I am here by myself. I am so grateful for the fact that I am accepted. First and foremost, I am accepted in the Beloved. Though I was covered in sewer sludge and I stank, he has cleaned me up and brought me to his lap.

Once, long ago, I found a little puppy  who was covered in mange, decay and maggots. I was able to clean him up, make him well and save his life. The whole time I gagged, puked and feared I would catch something, but I got it done. Ultmately that dog did not live forever…that was not within my power to give him.

The condition I was in spiritually when I came to Christ was worse than the one the dog was in. The healer though was more able. Jesus never feared my corruption because he had overcome it once…for all. He could not be contaminated by my sin. He didn’t have to scrub and medicate (and gag and puke), as his death, burial and resurrection had already provided the ability to make me every whit clean the moment I surrendered and asked for his salvation. In addition, I will never die. My spiritual sickness is permanently healed, my soul is saved and sealed that way until the day I meet him in Heaven. Unlike the healing I could bring to the puppy, the salvation the Lord gave me is everlasting. My soul will live with him forever, starting at the moment I was saved and continuing into eternity and forever.

Wow! What a deal! God accepts me. Some of you who know me may question that. The thing is that my flesh has not been saved yet. That will happen when I meet Jesus in the air as he returns for his saints or at the moment of my death. Until then, my flesh wants to behave badly. It is like a depraved, sick and vicious 2 year old. It takes most of all the resources I have at hand to keep it somewhat in line and still, there is the matter of my thoughts. Yuck! When I compare the potential for evil that dwells in the private recesses of my mind to the holiness of Jesus I am so much more grateful for the overreaching, undergirding, all encompassing range of his redemption. He is so good.

I hope you know this Jesus and his life changing, life giving, salvation. If not, please leave a comment and I will show you where to find him!

Oh, Jesus, my savior…you truly are all I need!

God bless you!



I love getting up before the sun and watching it as it rises and brings with it the warmth of color that makes the view come alive. I have been blessed in every home I have ever lived in (remarkable!) to be able to see the sun rise over something scenic. Actually, I don’t remember being interested in the sunrise in the first two houses I lived in, but starting in first grade, in Oxford Alabama, I could see the sun rise over Boozerville lake just to the South of the Ramada Inn. There were often herons and red – winged blackbirds  stitching their way through those sunrises.

The next house I lived in from 5th grade until 10th, had a hilltop and another house due East so sunrise came a while after daylight. I missed the early hues and subtle changes of the sunrise there, but that place carried with it the greatest variety of fragrance and bird song I think I have ever known. Think of the Christy movies and you will have a clue what I experienced every morning, After I grew up, I saw heart-rending sunrises from several locations in Northeast Alabama, all made more poignant and memorable by the enormous variety of animals and flowering plants that join the wake up spectacle.

My husband and I later  explored Southeast Alaska. Some of the most sparkling and majestic sunrises are there. In Ketchikan and on Prince of Wales Island, there is so much rain and so many mornings are veiled in it that when there is a clear morning, everything is so splendidly clean and crisp, perhaps with a mist or fog interwoven that the sunrises you do see are so mind gripping, I cannot forget them. It doesn’t hurt that there is usually a waterfront and occasionally sea mammal play involved.

All across the United states, I have studied the way the Lord paints the mornings and evening. I particularly remember watching a glorious sunrise from my friend’s house through a window screen. With my nose pressed to the screen, the scene was “pixelated”  before digital photography existed. I just love the glory of sunrise. I admire the expression of my Heavenly Father on the canvas of His creation. Of course, I can’t ignore the obvious analogy between the sun rise and the SON rise.

As glorious as the sunrise is, the rising up from the grave of the SON OF GOD was the one time event by which all time and space are tuned. About 2000 years ago, the only begotten Son of God laid down his life and poured out his blood to wash away the sins of all who would believe on him. This was prophesied throughout the old testament and fulfilled to the letter. At this time the host of Hell rejoiced at their supposed victory and a spiritually dark night shadowed humanity. BUT! As the darkest time in the natural world is before the sun breaks the Eastern horizon, also the darkest time for all creation was the time before the LIVING Son of God broke the chains of death and arose from his borrowed tomb to walk again with men on the Earth before taking his place seated at the right hand of his Father in Heaven.

The Light of the World had dawned on a lost and dying humanity! The SONrise that mankind had yearned for had come! Come and bask in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ! Everyone who confesses their sin and accepts the atoning blood of The Lord Jesus Christ will be saved from eternity in Hell! Thank you, Heavenly Father for the SONrise and for the many sunrises we have had to remind us of the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless you.