Independent, Fundamental,KJV, Baptist Christmas

There were years when I thought the situation in my title couldn’t exist. But now I know it can. I have never told my children about Santa and that he sees everyone everywhere and knows what they have been doing, I haven’t taught them that December 25th is The Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. But I have taught them that it is okay with God the Father for us to feast and party and give the praise to our Saviour who was probably born in the fall anyway. The way I look at it, any time a family, church or group of friends takes time to celebrate the coming to Earth of our Lord and God it is a good thing. In my circles, this happens much more often than once per year, but not often enough. So when I have the chance to gather the people I love the most together for a celebration, I will do it.

We do not celebrate in the traditional way and sometimes, that upsets grandparents and other relatives. We may decorate and we  may even have a tree, or not, but the decorations are not an act of worship for us. We do like to give little token gifts to our children to draw attention to the gifts of unconditional love that our father gives to us.

We are celebrating early, because the 25th is on Sunday and we do not want to give up our quirky Sunday routine nor our our little celebratory feast. So tomorrow, it is Christmas in our house.  It will be a day of ripping and tearing and thank you mom and dad. We had a little party tonight and the children, ages 7 through 18 thanked me many times for little things, like inviting friends over, for certain foods and games  and for just being good parents. It was sweet. Tomorrow, we will continue to  deflect the thanks and try to get our family to aim the thanks higher.

Tomorrow will be a day of feasting and exuberance when we give thanks to Jesus for all the things He  has given us. Tonight, it is time for a tired mama to lie down in her bed with great thanks to my Lord. See ya in the morning.

God bless you!