Finding My Place

You are reading the first post of an experiment. I have been blogging for some time. First I blogged about dairy goats and cultured foods and cheesemaking at . This was a lot of fun and a good first blog experience. The problem I encountered was that the title and idea of the counter culture blog was too narrow. Things in my life ebbed and changed. I had to sell my goats. I ran out of interesting things to say about Kefir and kombucha (though I still love them both!) I also wanted to write about things like Christian courtship, home schooling, the life of a healthy church and other things that didn’t really fit with the curds and whey. Baptist Mama is my new place. Though I will recycle posts from elsewhere and I will quite likely post about goats or horses, the hub of this blog is something that will never change, my Christianity. I plan to post 3 days per week or so and I hope you will stop by often and also communicate with me with your comments. I look forward to getting to know new friends and I welcome my old faithful friends who have put up with so much abuse while I have been learning to blog. By the way, I am still learning…the abuse might be long term!
God bless you BIG!