Mother’s Day 2012

My mom on the front row at Becky and Isaiah McGuffey’s wedding in 2010.


When I was growing up we had a tradition. On Mother’s day we wore a flower (from our garden because this time of year in Alabama there are plenty of blooms). Anyway, if your mother was living you wore a red rose and if your mother was not living, you wore a white one. My mom wore a white rose starting when I was 3. She has been without her beloved mother many more years than she was blessed to be with her. Mother’s day was always a little sad around our house. I know my mom was torn between being the wonderful, selfless, mom she was every other day and just needing a little time to grieve her own loss. I am thankful that as in almost every other area of life, my mom was a pinnacle of grace and compassion in her own grief, translating into understandable and gentle terms something that I am sure was agonizing in her heart.

I am so thankful that for 51 years I have been a member of the red rose club! I am certain I have the best mother on the planet.  She parented me well and diligently when I was growing up and has gradually transitioned to the best friend I have ever had other than my sweetheart, Clint.  She has the rare combination of extreme intelligence and godly humility that causes everyone who is blessed to know her to come away encouraged and awed.  I hope some day to develop  the grace and discretion that my mom has.  I have certainly had a good teacher all these years.

I hope that the Lord has put someone like my mom in your life and perhaps He is using you to be that person in someone else’s life. If you are a woman, accept the challenge to be the awesome encourager to someone this year. If you have children, start with them. If you do not have physical children, focus on cultivating spiritual children. Be that Sunday School teacher, aunt, neighbor or grandmother that some child is desperately needing. The world is made a much better place by women who know how to love and nurture properly and there is a scarcity of them in this present day. I hope you will step up to the plate this year. I also hope you have someone in that mothering role toward you.

God bless you!




2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Lawana. WONDERFUL! I love the McGuffey family. I was talking to Lisa recently, and she gave me some “McGuffey news”. I hope I get to see Clint and David in July. Please ask Clint to call me when they get to Anniston. 256-453-2297. I Thessalonans 5:23-24: Philippians 1:3-6!

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