My Bucket List

I have a list. It is neither small nor large, possibly boring if you are not me, but here goes with it.

  1. I want to see my children walk in faith…on their own…without me.
  2. I would like to see my children happily married.
  3. I would like to spend a month or longer in Barrow Alaska. I would like to be a teaching assistant there.
  4. I would like to go back to Nichin cove.
  5. I would like to spend some time on the banks of  Chocoloco creek with a good friend and a good horse.
  6. I would like to get another degree, as an herbalist.
  7. I  would like to build another barn, a little better than the one I built 30 years ago (though that one still stands) I would like it to be connected to my house by a covered walkway.
  8. I’d like a milk cow.
  9. I would like a few goats, just because I love them.
  10. I would like a hammock in my barn,
  11. I would like to travel to Ireland and to the Southern part of France and to Costa Rica..
  12. I would like to see New Zealand and my Scotch, Irish, German roots.
  13. I would once again like to ride a slick black horse as fast as he could go uphill.
  14. I would like to go to the gulf coast and eat at some seafood shack on the beach..
  15. I would like to make a big beautiful fondant covered cake that looks and tastes desiciousl

There are probably more, but these were on my mind tonight.

God bless you!



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