I Admire My Husband


My beloved and I have been through it. We have helped raise the 6 children we have together, loved and missed the 2 that are in heaven and admired and enjoyed the two that Clint had before we married. We have traveled a little and lived in some wonderful places. We have been healthy and not so healthy. We once were slim and beautiful now we are fluffy and our beauty is more than skin deep. We once were sharp, quick witted and smart. Now we are more pensive, slower and wise. We have had many sets of sheets, different colors of towels, a few different cars, zip codes and waist sizes. One thing however, has never changed.

Almost every Sunday, my husband has taken me to church. When it was just us two, he got his own clothes ready the night before, rose on time and drove us to church, opening my car door and taking me inside. So many times it would have been easy to just sleep in, but the fact that Clint had already prepared for church made me not want to dissapoint. When the babies came, he helped get their clothes ready the night before and helped me get everyone fed, changed and into carriers and car seats. He has done this in the swealtering heat of Alabama, in the chronic, sideways , pressure washer rain of Southeast Alaska and now that we only have one child who needs assistance to get in the car, he does that in snow, slush and ice.

This week Clint is being creative to get us all to church. Our big van is in the shop waiting to be redeemed and we have one person too many to go in our next largest vehicle. We could let someone stay home, but most of us have responsibilities and nobody wants to volunteer to be left out, so we are taking 2 cars. Our drive to church is 70 miles  one way. This Sunday, it will be 70 x 2.

Why would a man do these things every Sunday for 23 years? This is nearly 1200 times! I believe he does it because he knows it is good for us. Of course he would go if he didn’t have a family. He loves the Lord Jesus Christ and the church the Lord established. He sees the local church as the scriptural storehouse for his tithes and gifts, as the huddle where believers recieve information and motivation about how to play in and win the game. He sees it as a place where children begin to understand that we are not in this all alone. In our lives the local church has been the place where we learn and teach love, how to get along, reconciliation and forgiveness as we rub shoulders with the other imperfect Christians there.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. My Husband loves Football, but for him, the advantages of bringing up his children and shepherding his wife’s heart, including being in church today, twice, with Christian fellowship sandwiched between, are much more valuable than seeing the big game. Between you and me, I believe he is one fellow who understands the truth of how to play the game and I am proud to be on his team.

God bless you!



2 thoughts on “I Admire My Husband

  1. This is Miss HB and I love it!! And some day will know and understnad what you mean beside myself and kids. one day I to Will meet someone who will be someone like you discrbe and I will wait for God to send me to him or send him to me!! thanks Mrs.L

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