Letter to Battle Weary Friends

My friend, it sounds as if you have been through some trials. I  want to tell you a couple of things I have learned from serving God for 30 years.

1.Just because God has called us to something, doesn’t mean we will walk away from it feeling successful. (A cursory study of old testament prophets will bear this out).

2. We have an enemy.

3. We have a more powerful ADVOCATE!

4. In the end, WE WIN!!!!!! 

During the years that we have been away from you, we  have been thoroughly broken, cooked, pounded, shaped and reshaped. Our fleshly emotions have hated it. It has been humbling and sometimes humiliating. We have many times forgotten our first LOVE. Our children have broken our hearts, we have broken each other’s hearts and we have ALL been pretty much imperfect and dishonoring to our Precious Lord at times. Just about the time I think I am becoming a pretty nice vessel of honor, I feel the Potter’s hands scooping me up and faithfully slapping me back on the wheel. (You see sometimes I think I stand…and then I fall). All this scooping and slapping is kind of hard on an old gal like me, but I trust that somewhere inside, where only God can really see, I am becoming more fit for service and gaining strength, boldness and faith to earn a few crowns so I won’t enter into His presence empty handed.

 In the mean time, God gives me many temporal blessings. My kids don’t ALWAYS dissapoint me, I don’t AlWAYS dissapoint God. I still have a wonderful family, a beautiful view from my old farmhouse, a great church that loves me and an assurance of eternity with Christ. I want you guys to know that we love you and that you are often in our prayers. I would encourage you to do what I know you are doing (faithful Bible study, prayer, church attendance, submission to your authorities and each other). But in addition to this, really love each other. Remember the first time you realized that you were meant for each other. Relive the pitter-patter of your hearts.

Nothing honors God more and encourages children more than a husband and wife who adore one another. Hold hands, laugh together, share beautiful old memories (the sad ones too). Just remember you are a type of the Lord and his church. Strive daily for that beauty.

God bless you!



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