Growing Pains

I don’t have a photo for this post because I can’t keep up! A couple of days ago, I had some little children. I had one a little older and 3 within 3 years (yes, 2 were adopted) and then a 6 year gap before the really little ones. Tonight though I am sitting in my living room with no children! My youngest is at home and in bed. The oldest has been married for over a year, my 18 year old has just moved into his own apartment and invited my 10 year old over for the night and my 17 and 16 year olds have gone to a youth banquet.

A friend of mine sent us a large take and bake pizza. I cooked it and nothing else for dinner tonight. We had leftovers! This is not right. I feel that we are becoming a midsized family. I can’t remember when I last used the commercial sized cook wear. It is really exciting to see these young people reaching their goals and stretching toward their dreams…but it is really strange.

I remember when we had growing pains in the beginning. Suddenly one box of noodles wasn’t enough. Soon, no matter what I cooked it seemed to never be enough. There were never any clean towels, or clean spoons or vacant bathrooms. The storage spaces in our home overflowed to occupy every horizontal surface.  There was no room for one more book in the book shelves and we had a mountain of shoes beside the door at all times.

Suddenly, with the second son leaving the nest…and taking his stuff…and taking some of our stuff, this old house is feeling a little empty. We actually have about 6 inches of empty space on a book shelf and this son hasn’t even taken the vhs tapes of when he was in the orphanage or his photo albums. He did take 7 towels and suddenly we have room for most of our towels. He took 2 pots and some cooking utensils. Now we have almost enough room for our pots in the cupboard and the crocks that we stick the utensils in are not longer at risk of cracking from being overstuffed. 

 I have images in my head of what this house will look like when the children have all gone to their big lives. We will have only one refrigerator. The book shelves will have been looted of everyone’s favorite books and we will have to resort to buying decorative thingymabobs to fill space where the books used to be. We will have 4 towels. We will have only tiny pots and pans with one or two big ones in the basement for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will have one bathroom that never gets used. We will have a home office, a craft room and a guest room.  We will get to go to bed whenever we want. We will be able to complete our sentences without interruption. We will eat convenience foods and buy name brand ice cream. We will  be best friends and deeply in love …and we will miss out kids! Hey kids! Wait uuuuuup!

God bless you!




One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. But Lawana….then the grandkids will be over for the day and maybe spend the night.
    I am making plans to downsize in about 5 years and live in an RV… could too. 😉
    Maybe we could travel together.
    Love ya,

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